FAAR Fashion Art Magazine 

FAAR Magazine is a fashion & art biannual, published since 2007. Since its first edition, FAAR Magazine is popularizing fashion, photography, art and lifestyle trends in a special, artistic way.  
In addition to high quality artistic photographs, each edition features a special subject, set by the Editor – one of the prominent figures of the cultural and public life of Belgrade. The magazine’s concept is to change its editors through editions which makes FAAR different and unconventional.

FAAR Magazine, published by Click Fashion Studio, insists on engaging and promoting true professionals in the fields of fashion, art, and journalism.

FAAR Magazine introduced new and creative changes in Serbian publishing, allowing many designers, journalists, photographers, and artists to reach a high quality presentation of their work and giving them complete freedom in their artistic expression, a worthy phenomenon in this era of global commercialization. This is the kind of freedom that FAAR Magazine will glorify in its anniversary edition.

We dedicate FAAR Magazine to the urban, educated trendsetters; stylish, creative, authentic intellectuals; ambitious, curious, creative young people; inspirational, original, sexy, pleasure seekers; fashion, design and art lovers enjoying life.

Address: Kralja Milutina 34, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 3067297, 3067299
e-mail: faar@click.co.rs